About MOM BitFence

The MOM BitFence project is the world’s first early-warning threat alert system and cyber-defence platform for Bitcoin nodes and their Internet gateway routers. The project is still in alpha state and more features will come soon.

How does MOM BitFence work?

MOM BitFence runs a crawler that polls nodes and renders this data on its Finney Map located at https://nodes.mom.market. For each discovered node, it attempts to guess the IP address of the gateway router connected to that node.

If you operate a Bitcoin node, follow it to receive updates by email each time it goes down.

I operate a Bitcoin node, how can I support the MOM BitFence project?

Gateway validations are crowd-sourced from node operators. So if you run a node, please add accurate router information for your node to enable BitFence to monitor and push applicable security notifications and updates to your node’s profile. In the event of a cyber-attack on a node or its gateway, BitFence will flag the node and make an alert API call to Multiven TAC, which will multicast a cyber-support task to one of Multiven’s 1,200 decentralised Internet engineering experts, security researchers and cryptographers and one of them will accept and resolve the task.

The solution to the problem encountered by each node and/or router will then be proactively pushed to all other nodes and routers running similar software versions. This will dramatically reduce their attack surface and make Bitcoin node-network, way more resilient.

Thank you for collaborating with us and the community to collectively secure the future of Bitcoin.

What nodes are displayed?

We are using the following bitnodes crawler https://github.com/ayeowch/bitnodes.

Nodes that are offline for more than 6 months are considered dead and are no longer listed in our application.

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